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Hey Peeps!

Since it is half way through September for us Aussies, we are now in the process of applying for our courses for the next year, which inspired me to blog about the process.

Registering for VTAC and getting your folio’s in order for potential interviews, while stressful is also extremely exciting. For me it means that i will be the first one EVER from my entire family, to attend a university which is a foreign novelty in it’s self. So it’s definitely something to journal about, while i spend literally every waking second i have in my nook, and my head buried in my sketchbook, journals. Which is a great thing!

Although through the stress; It’s easy to forget why it is such an exciting time, and it’s definitely one for the memory books. So this weeks prompt is…


Book Keepers : Write down your preference of university’s, your course codes, and why. Why is it that you want to go to this school. if you have attended any open days, collect brochure’s to attach to the entry, or print out logos of your top choices!

Sketchy Keepers : Draw a little doodle of yourself in your school’s colors, and what you are studying!

Art Journal : What are you trying to get out of your education ? What is your dream job ?

Shutter Bugs : What do you think you would wear on your first day as a university student? Plan an outfit of the day, and take a portrait of yourself.

Have fun through out the stress, it’s an exciting / nerve destroying time for all of us! Feel free to instagram your creations with #peep and @yahpeep :) Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

K xx

Being Brave, For Art’s Sake.



Hey Peeps!

I sincerely apologies for the lack of activity on lately, i was curled up in bed with a virus the last week and a bit, but don’t fret! I have returned, with an onslaught of goodies to keep Yahpeep growing and growing.

As some of you may know i am currently completing my Diploma Of Visual Arts, and while i absolutely love being creative, being that switched on, and forever creating can be intense.


Now currently i am working on a series of men crying, specifically, Taeyang, after being emotionally touched when watching his recent MV of Eyes,Nose,Lips. It’s still in the infancy of conceptual progress, but these are just experiments.

I get a lot of negativity from my mentors, It’s rarely constructive criticism, and my work is not to their tastes. Which is completely fine, as in any creative industry – it’s cut throat. There will be people who either adore or despise your work. And that is completely okay.

While Adversity is fantastic for character building, In extremely small doses, for myself personally. After months of criticism of my style, i found myself stuck in a creative rut. I was literally paralyzed by the negativity, and doubted what i brought to the table. I found myself often repeating those negative comments, and scrapping every idea, dismissing every concept.

While all Artist’s go through this. There is nothing worse then being in the midst of it, while you are in dire need of preparing folio’s for gaining entry into further arts education.

The solution.

While simple, and inexplicably nothing more than a mantra. Is difficult to follow through on.

Be Brave.

I know it sounds ridiculous, we aren’t on the front lines, we aren’t in anything other than a creative dry spell. But without bravery, you won’t find yourself trying.

For me it’s always been about trying, and practicing my craft. At first i was deathly afraid of churning out crap after crap, and maybe to some people i still do. But without telling myself to be brave, i would of never have tried.

For example, Working with Oils. It is literally like climbing a mountain for me, however on my current piece i see the benefits of trying;Of being brave and just putting a little pigment on the tip of my brush and working it across the page.

Anything you want to do, you can do.

You just need to be brave.

Find the joy in failing, in learning new things. It is literally the only way you will be able to excel as an artist. Not to mention the benefits often outweigh the negative!

You must challenge yourself. Try your hand at different things, While talent is admirable and astounding, it is nothing without hard work. If you have to try a little harder than someone else, that’s okay too. It will come to you, and you will benefit from taking the initiative.

Happy creating!

K xx

Friday Faves 004


Hey Peeps!

For those of you who are into beauty boxes; You would be happy to know that i’ve recently signed up to Bella Box. Yes this is news as you will be seeing these pop up in my blog in the very near future, I was previously with lust have it, but found the service didn’t meet my expectations. Customer service that is, boxes were always being sent out late, and scarcely made it on time, and while i was excited about the items for a little while, i soon lost intrest. However after late night youtubing, i stumbled across a few bella box reveiws and thought i would take the plunge and try out another subscribtion box. I sincerely hope that this service is better than the last one i tried, so look out for a review of that soon!

This weeks favourites are as follows…

1. YouTube Channel : Wazzashi

Now, i’ve watched a lot of YT vloggers – that specifically make videos about applying make up, and beauty products, tutorials and all that jazz. I stumbled upon the lovely and beautiful Stephanie while i had been looking up bella boxes to decide if i wanted to subscribe to the service.

This girl is absolutely halrious, she’s honest and what really took me in was how comfortable she is in front of the camera, adorable, and very real.

I often sit back and watch these beauty guru’s slap on this make up and become transformed with next to no effort. What i liked about Stephanie is that she acknowledges that she is just starting out, she is just so blunt and honest it literally makes me smile and appreciate her videos. That much more. Not to mention the amount of times i drop the F bomb while applying eyeliner, and mascara is pretty much on point with Steph. It’s relatable content.

If you haven’t subscribed to her please do! You won’t be sorry!

2. Keri Smith – ” Wreck This Journal, Everywhere “

Okay, now if any of you have known me at all, you would know that i go nuts for anything Keri Smith puts out onto the shelves, and it was no surprise that as i spied this little beauty on book depository that i ordered it within a minute. This boasts pages from the previous wreck this journals with the addition of a few new missions. What surprised me the most was the size of it, it’s actually about the same size as a post card, and encourages you to head outside with a random adventure in mind, which is absolutely perfect for spring! If you are already a fan of her works, this is a must have!

( She also has a new book out entitled, The Imaginary World Of…. I’ll talk more about when i get it! )


3. Nail Art : 24 Artificial Nails $2.50 Aus

So over the weekend me and E had a little K-mart date, and i must admit, I’ve never worn acrylic nails before, These were getting turfed out for a very low price. So why not!. They are super easy to put on, and there is enough to do two sets, What i love most about them is that they come with this neat little tab that you can just twist off, which makes application a breeze. I am always having to make time to sit down and paint my nails and shape them, so this is a good quick alternative when you are lacking time. I definitely want to try these again, i am aware that prolonged use is bad for your nails, but once in a while, when i want to get fancy, i will be trying them. Especially for parties, or if i want to spoil myself.

Fullscreen capture 1092014 83434 PM.bmp

4. Smurfy Team Fortress Stats

My new go to stress relief, is Team Fortress, and i was lucky enough to find the smurfy servers. What i didn’t know however is that they record your statistics while playing, and they are displayed on the smurfy fortress website. What i think is really cool about that, is that they show the maps you have played, and you can actually see where you have died and where you have killed. It’s freaking awesome! Yes. I am aspiring to be in the top 100, with dedication and sacrifice it will happen. #lifegoals

5. Super Junior “Mamacita”

THEY ARE BACK. Seriously, i discovered this while i was at uni, studying hard obviously. (Shortly after i discovered Shirt, a song about a girl liking… uh their shirt?) This would be SUJU’s seventh album, and while my hard core favorite is Mr.Simple, it’s awesome to see that they are still going strong. Yes. I had a massive fan girl moment after spying Donghae’s purple/blue infused hair and Siwon’s brunette locks. The dancing isn’t spectacular, and the song will probably grow on me! Check them out!

Happy Weekend Lovely’s

K xx

Spring/Summer Combo : The List


spring summer-page-001spring summer-page-002

Hey Peeps!

So this was my quick little list of my spring/summer combo that i wrote up when i had a few minutes, obviously nothing fancy, but if it tickles YOU’RE fancy, feel free to print it out!

Now i have no desire to completely structure the next 6 month’s so i just jotted down things that i would really love to do, and this is how it turned out! 

Do you have any plans or things that you are wanting to do this year?

K xx


Making A Stash : Collecting




Hey Peeps! 

As you all know i am an avid journal lover/artist, which means you almost constantly need a million cut outs from magazines, to inspire you and flesh out your concepts; Or even just something that is pleasing to your eyes. The difficult thing about this is keeping a supply. I tend to go through all of my cut outs in a few weeks, after purchasing a huge stack of old magazines from good will. And you don’t want to get into that situation of just cutting and keeping for the sake of just in case. 

Now my suggestion is to collect magazines bi monthly, to ensure that you always have something on hand. It does take a few hours depending on how many magazines you have, but it is worth it in the long run. I say bi monthly because there will almost always be a few cut outs that you will hang on to, just for the sake of having them.

Yes. I am immensely guilty of doing this, Above is a prime example, As a lover of the 60’s i found an anniversary edition magazine, jam packed with gorgeous illustrations that i just can’t bare to use. However by limiting my supply i am finding that they will eventually wind up in my journals. So do try not to scrimp or save things for special occasions, otherwise, they won’t get used at all!

The benefit of having this little stash, is that it can be used across all journal types, from the standard journal, to art journaling, to sketchbooks, to pinning them up on mood boards, for a few dollars every few months this is a great investment for creativity and definitely helps when you are lacking inspiration.

I keep all of my cut outs in a clear plastic folder right next to my work space so that they are readily available when the inspiration strikes! Do you have a stash like this?

Snip. Snip. Snip.

K xx

Prompt : Hello Spring / S-S 14


IMG_1730Hey Peeps!

Spring is finally here! Hooray!

Though in Melbourne you wouldn’t be able to tell, because the weather is absolutely horrible, skies are grey and with great dismay that we have to wait for the sun – but today’s prompt is SPRING.

It is absolutely without a doubt my favouite seasons of the year, Now every year i sit down and i write down a huge list of things that i want to do over the duration of spring and summer, yes both. I end up putting this in my journal, and usually sketch out a few things while i’m at it. Now the great thing about doing this; is that you have a reference for something to do while you are bored. Especially if you are anything like me and you literally need to have a game plan for almost everything. Then this is definitely something you can do in just a few minutes.

Book Keepers :

Write down a list of things you want to do for your perfect spring and summer combo, this can be absolutely anything that tickles your fancy, from making your own icy poles to having a mid summers night bash. It might be fun to add some embellishments and some little doodles to make it your own!

Sketchy Keepers :

Go outside and take notice of the changing natural pallete around you, take note of the vibrant greens, the smells, the flowers that are just starting to bloom. Do on site sketches of what you think spring is incoporating this new pallete.

Art Journal :

“Is the spring coming?” he said. “What is it like?”…
“It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine…”
Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

Shutter Bugs :

Take a self portrait surrounded by blooms, incorprate the spring spirit!

Happy creating peeps

K xx

Organization : The Procrasti-station



Hey Peeps!

Now in my time in retail, “Not Planning, Is Planning To Fail” was written in cursive across our store diary’s, which at the time – didn’t mean that much to me. I just thought they wanted to use a different font. However in recent weeks, this has become more apparent to me. Because it finally makes sense.

Now i organize myself the best i can, it is my absolute pet peeve when things aren’t aligned, and people are confused about what’s going on. Sadly this hasn’t overlapped into my uni schedule, and creative time, but with a little work, it totally can.

I recently found an app called “Desk”, Now i know i’m a little obsessed with creating a work space, that inspires me, and isn’t dark and dreary, hence my obsession with purchasing bright colorful objects to surround myself with, but one thing that was clear by spying on other peoples desk’s. Was that they were impeccably organized.

Everything had a space, and was put in it’s place. Yes, that should be a slogan for a staff room.

I attempt to clear the clutter from my work station every night, however by the following morning, there is almost always a mug that’s been left there, things shoved out the way so that i can eat breakfast before hurrying to the bus for school.

So today, i am challenging myself!

I remember reading somewhere, that in order to keep their space maintained, they imposed a 10 minute clean up rule, before heading off to bed. Which is what i intend to do, perhaps even purchase a basket, so tools that i am using can be placed in there, and stored on my chair while i am out and about.

So for 10 minutes, every night, just before you switch off, i am challenging you!

Spend 10 minutes cleaning up your work space, and dedicate the time to creating a space for you to create in.

Do this for a week, then another week, then another.

Make it through the entire month, and reap the benefits of more productivity, the cleanliness, and see if your motivation increases or decreases!

10 minute clean up!

In 3.2.1…

K xx