Friday Faves : Version Zero One.


Hey Peeps!

So the reason i haven’t been updating as frequently is because I’ve been writing down a million ideas in my journal, on how to format my blog to include all of my interests; Yes i am one of those people that like to impose structure on themselves as a means to achieve something. Over the next week the new format will be introduced, and instead of deleting all of my previous posts, i’m just going to leave them up. (Guilty of doing this before)

Enough of the Jibber jabber. This week has a been semi bipolar weather wise in Melbourne, with a rather generous amount of sunshine despite the cooler temperatures. It was also the end of my uni break, so i’m in preparation mode for my pending class exhibition. Meaning it’s been a pretty full on stressful week. But hey it’s all part of the journey!

1. Demi Lovato “Sky Scraper”.

So I’ve been sketching and drawing a heck of a lot over my uni break. Like the tortured artist i am, i need something incredibly emotional to push me through those artist blocks. That’s when Demi Lovato appeared dressed in white, walking over glass, busting out those high notes like no other. Yes i attempted to do these notes, NO i did not “hit them”.

I don’t really know what this song is about, and after a short Google search, nobody else really did either, though there was a lot of conspiracy theories floating around about it. Anyway, this has been on repeat and is probably up at the top of my most played list on my I pod “Thunder”.

2. Baby Lips.

This is the one and only gloss that works rain, hail, or shine. Now that we are truly in the depths of winter, my lips are dry, chapped and in dire need of moisture. Now i started using this a few years ago, taking into consideration my pallid complexion, (Seriously, i get burnt sitting inside) whenever i walked around in the summer, my lips were constantly getting burnt. This was the ONLY thing that took the pain away and was able to give my lips the moisture they needed to heal. I am a true fan of this, and this is a must have for anybody. I usually have one or two bouncing around in my purse, they can be purchased opaque or with a slight tint. Best beauty buy for under 5 dollars.

3. Lazy Game Reviews – Reviewing Sims 4 Info.

So, apart from reading the posts about unhappy fans on Facebook. (NO POOLS, NO TODDLERS) I’ve also found a little gem on YouTube – who fulfills my Sims 4 gossip. Sims 4 is due out later this year, and long time fans are well aware it’s a “downgrade” from Sims 3. While i’m not exactly counting down the days till it’s released i’m intrigued to see how the game plays. Fans aren’t happy about the lack of … well everything in the base game, which retails here in Australia for about 80 – 90 dollars. Which is a bit insane for a game that has literally nothing, but of course EA will be releasing a billion expansions at 40 dollars a piece. Hmm, he’s worth a watch. Love this guy!

4. The Queue Function on Tumblr.

Fullscreen capture 17072014 110430 PM.bmp

Yes. I’ve been on Tumblr for about a year now, and i just realized that there is a queue function, that i had no idea about. I tend to try and update all of my things at the very least once a day, and now i can do that, without actually doing … that. (wow, i really need to extend my vocabulary) – If you have a tumblr, link me below and i’ll check it out! It’s easy to find me on there, YAHPEEP!

5. Team Fortress 2 .

Every one needs a vice. Mine happens to be jumping on steam, and playing team fortress for a while, Since i was lucky enough to get the magical bubble gun for the Pyro, which enables me to burn my opposition with rainbows, ( upon dying they shoot out balloons and streamers ) and also gives me the ability to taunt them by having a pink unicorn above my head, which bursts into flames – ah, it brings me joy. The only thing that irks me is the 12 year old kids on mic, asking me if i have any crit cola.

Have a smashing weekend

K xx

P.s Yes, you can find me on steam as Yahpeep as well.

Sailor Moon – Redone and Amaze


Hey Peeps!

If you were anything like me as a kid growing up in the 90′s, Your mornings were filled with waking up early to ensure that you watched the episode of Sailor Moon, In between extended hours of playing Pokemon. It is with great pleasure that i am happy to say that Sailor Moon is back, and has been reworked to reflect the manga much better than the original anime series did!

I was extremely apprehensive when i first heard this news, let’s just say i was quite a die hard fan of the 90′s anime – Yes i spent ages shouting “moon prism power” and spinning around in circles pretending i was Usagi (AKA Bunny), However i was pleasantly surprised when i had the chance to watch Sailor Moon Crystal, even with the appearance of Sailor Mercury right at the very end. The most noticeable thing was how different and expressive the eyes of the characters were, I’m hooked and i can’t wait for the next episode to be out! For those of you who watched the 90′s version, we all know that Sailor Mercury appears!

The other thing i really enjoyed about this was the use of water color animations, as well as how Usuagi’s hair was lovingly animated #HairPorn, not to mention the oh so dreamy Tuxedo Mask! Ah Memories, The fan girl within is definitely looking forward to more Sailor Moon Crystal.

I’m even feeling inspired to re read the manga for the billionth time!

If you were a fan of the older series this is a must watch :)

K xx

Keri Smith : Series



Which one would you like to see me complete?

Hey Peeps!

I’m interested in doing a series about all of my Keri Smith books, because let’s face it – They have been sitting around for far too long!

Each series will be filmed and uploaded onto YouTube, which hopefully i’ll get better at!

Poll Closes Next Thursday xx

Getting Out From Under The Clouds…



Hey Peeps!

Recently, I’ve been under a big heavy rain cloud; which has put a bit of a damper on my enthusiasm & general happiness.  There are many things that can put us underneath one of these clouds. I call it a cloud because your judgement and your perception of reality are often “clouded”. Yeah, that’s right word play.

Getting out from under the clouds is necessary, a bit of perspective is always a positive exercise and allows you to push forward to realign yourself, and improve on your own ability to complete set goals, which in turn add to your happiness bank.

As an artist, you are slave to the creative process. I don’t mean this in a negative way; To clarify, Having a clean, well prepared working area is essential to creating concepts, and productivity. Something as simple as having a favorite pen in your grasp can be inspiration enough, sometimes you need a little more.

Recently i had my creative licence compromised, And yes, being the sensitive little thing i am, i took it to heart. I resented the new concepts being put forward, and don’t think much of the pack mentality that followed after i had been asked for an opinion only to be talked down too. This adding lightning and storms under my already dark cloud.

To rectify the situation, I’ve taken a step back and reaffirmed to myself, that my ideas and concepts are valid to myself, My style, and that my intellectual property is solely mine, and mine alone. It speaks to me, and therefore will remain important to ME. Sounds like a small step, but for me it’s a rather large one.

Here are some tips for getting some happy smiling sunshine into your life!

  • Journal : Yes. For me it is a matter of writing down ideas, and an essential part to discovering and reaffirming my personality,individuality and artistic endeavors. Just like anyone else i am prone to the woe is me entries, but for the most part, it’s a safe haven to be who you are without doing it for anybody else but you. A journal is a best friend, free from prejudice. Exploit this.
  • Music : Music is a reflection of one’s mood. If your going to be upset and listen to sad songs, you are going to feel it. I read in the happiness project, that if you want to feel happier, you fake it till you make it. By listening to upbeat music you will generally feel a bit more energetic, and smile within. Even if it’s incredibly bad 90′s dance music. For myself it’s K-pop. Throw me some Super Junior, Big Bang, Seungri. I feel happy as a clam.
  • Get Active : A few years back when Yoga was first pitched to me i laughed, Literally. I couldn’t imagine rolling around on the floor, listening to my own breath fundamental for anything. But, It’s actually a challenge. Take the time to treat your body, and to do something active. This will produce sunshine (endorphin’s), Go outside, Go for a walk. Just do something active, It doesn’t have to be working out.
  • Plan : Even when you are under the clouds, ensure that you are planning and setting yourself goals to get excited about. It’s the mark of endurance if you are able to do this. If you are still finding things to do, and look forward to, when you are in a down stage this is great. Not only does it give you something to work towards, it shows you just how much potential you really have!
  • Smile : “If a person has ugly thoughts, it begins to show on the face. And when that person has ugly thoughts every day, every week, every year, the face gets uglier and uglier until you can hardly bear to look at it. A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts it will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” – Roald Dahl 

What do you do to get out from under your cloud?

Wishing you happiness and sunshine!

Kiley xx

Routine Optional ?


Hey Peeps!

As some of you  may know already, Earlier this year i decided to undertake not one, but two diploma’s. Which is great, it’s Productive and i am loving being constantly busy and having to self discipline myself to avoid procrastinating, which by the way i am absolutely pro at. I’m pretty sure that i’m a “productive procrastinator” – Basically, I will do productive tasks, say organizing and color coding my entire collection of pencils, pens and markers to ensure that i find that particular shade of blue that i interpret to be the sky to be, as opposed to doing a spread sheet assignment in excel.

I had often pondered if routines could be optional. And if not having one could be detrimental to progressing with your desired goals.

I’ve found for me personally, that if i don’t have a routine – I wake up in the morning, wander around the house with no sense of purpose, usually flicking on my computer, browsing various social networking when suddenly the sun is sinking behind the clouds to dream, while i’m incredibly confused as to where my time went. Feeling unproductive does not make me feel happy, It does not make me feel accomplished and it does not bring a smile to my face. 

What does make me feel good inside, is being productive – I’ve been attempting in recent days to implement a routine that will not only increase productivity.Because even on the must lack luster days, you have got to be hungry. You have got to want to try to do something that lends it’s self to completing the bigger picture. 

I find what works best for me is a “to do list” opposed to a structured hour by hour routine. Now i say this merely because i am the kind of person that always ensures to be available for anything that pops up without notice, i’m sure that it is with no great surprise that while i am deep in an assignment i have a brilliant idea for a concept, or a plot line that i need to jot down.

What are your thoughts on routines?

Especially if you are an artist, i would like to get some insight into what other creative people like myself do to ensure they maintain levels of high productivity even on the off days, if you have any advice please comment below – would love to hear from you!

Kiley xx 

Reaching Beyond Your Comfort Zone : Peep Rantz




Hey Peeps!

Well i’m over and done with the negative Nelly rubbish, I’m on a new path and i’m absolutely loving it. Ages ago i expressed a desire to start a YouTube channel, and i’m happy to announce that tonight i filmed my first attempt at “vlogging”, destroying one lamp – in the process, but hey peeps that’s show business. ( Sorry Lamp, RIP)

It’s an exciting time in my life, as i have finally grasped hold of my sole purpose and that is creativity. I have big dreams, and lots of leg work to do, so while things may be moving slowly now, things will not always be so sluggish. There is a world of possibilities out there for everyone, and anything you want to achieve is possible with hard work and dedication. 

Now, for a long time i heard this and thought, yeah of course. That’s how you get things done, but i had failed to marry myself to what i am passionate about. Instead i procrastinated and continued down the woe is me path and failed to push myself. Which let’s face it. Is pretty much a right of passage of a quarter life crisis. 

It is scary and absolutely terrifying to get out of your comfort zone and try something new, but in the end it is absolutely worth it, it fills you with a sense of accomplishment and the rewards you reap are inexplicable. 

That feeling of being able to say ” I did this, because i wanted too ” is a wonderful feeling, and the opportunities life gives you are immense, they are mysterious and the greatest things to smile about when you least feel like it. 

Now for me, having self imposed dead lines to do things, works absolute wonders for me. For example – Having days i blog, film, journal etc. Treating things like a job and pushing yourself to execute even when you don’t feel like it, are absolute necessities, especially if like me, you are aspiring to have your own business one day. 

It’s a tough thing to do, but it is only you who can stand up on your own two legs and work towards what you want, who you want to be, and where you want to be. Where you want life to take you, and who you surround yourself with. 

Get out of the comfort zone, it’s no good remaining idle.

Don’t let anybody tell you that you won’t achieve your dreams, you can and you will. 

Just Work. 

Kiley xxx 








Biggest Mistake Of My Life : Mormonism







Some of you may, or may not know that i am currently an inactive member of the LDS (Latter Day Saints) , more commonly known as the Mormons. Today i am writing this post, mostly to vent. But to bring forth my honest feelings about what i am preparing to formally resign from. In no way shape or form is this an open attack on anyone who chooses to follow this religion, this is merely my thoughts and feelings about the issue, and how it has essentially affected me.

My time spent with this organization was nothing that had been pitched to me by missionaries who had canvassed my area in search for new members. It was not a loving, family orientated environment, in fact far from it. I had been subjected to emotional manipulation, and conditioning in the most heinous ways possible, re-victimizing, shaming and deceitful lies.

While members often use the argument, that the gospel is perfect – the members aren’t. I can’t help but point out that the additional scripture and doctrine is beyond perfect, as well as the manuals – books written by prophets, that are regarded on the same constitution as scripture.

Article 8 featured in the articles of faith here, suggests that the bible and holy bible can only be accepted if translated correctly – and that the book of Mormon written by the ever controversial Joseph Smith, is the word of god – and completely true. I refuse to believe that. If God were to be the one and only, how is it the ‘truth’ if someone decides to tack on information that is unfounded and written with an agenda.

Out of curiosity i began reading about cult characteristics, this is not a new thing for me. I have always taken a keen interest in the psychology of crime, how and why people do things, and how they reason them.

I was absolutely shocked, that with some perspective – i was able to clearly identify LDS as a cultist group. It made me absolutely sick to my stomach, I feel betrayed, violated. I had been sucked into something disguised as a wonderful place to be, somewhere where you could be accepted and loved regardless of who you are, or where you came from. It had been so carefully presented to me, on the need to know basis. I had been an easy target.

Doctrine is dispersed only on a need to know basis. You are not told in the early stages the fine print of what you are signing up for. You are told the highlights. It angers me that people are lured towards it with the promises of being reunited with your family upon death, that you are to be married for of time and eternity. That so long as you obey, you are free of all sin. It. is. a. lie.

You are not to question your leaders. Asking questions is wrong, and you will be made to feel guilt for pondering anything other than what is placed before you, be it from your peers, or leaders. You are expected to follow blindly, to sit silently even if you do not agree. It is law. You are explicitly told, to doubt your doubts, and continue to follow your “faith”. There is no option for you to question, and if you dare attempt to, it will be squashed quickly.

You are welcomed warmly, with open arms and insincere smiles. Until you are baptized. Then you are instructed to surround yourself with like minded thinkers. You are discouraged from outside influences, and bombarded with an array of church orientated activities. For example, On Sunday you are to attend church for three hours, you are then expected to attend a fireside later on that evening if you are in YSA like i was. During the week you are to attend an Institute class further discussing the “scriptures” you are to read these on your own for a period of time a day. If you are of age you will also be expected to attend mission prep, There will be numerous activities during the weekend – just to ensure that you are kept busy, Family Home Evenings Etc. This is excessive use of a routine to suppress doubt and free thinking. You won’t have time to go about questioning things.

You are told, what to wear. Especially as a woman, you will not expose any flesh as to not tempt the men. If you do tempt the men, it is solely your fault. Why would you wear such a garment that exposes your legs, or your arms.

Only the ‘worthy’ are able to attend the temple. The creme DE la creme’. This is a ranking of superiority – This is what everyone is striving for because they believe it will make them a better person, it only reduces them to hierarchy’s that they have constructed in their own mind. It is an elitist position. If you are not ‘worthy’ you are lacking in faith, or substance. This is is simply not true. God loves all of his children equally, regardless of a permission slip or paying entry into a building.

You are fed guilt.

King James Bible
A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

That is not love.

That is exploitation with an agenda.

Kiley x