Word Of 2016 : “Yes”

Hey Peeps!

I know what you are thinking and yes it has been a little while since I’ve hauled my butt to my laptop and actually dedicated some time to my oh so neglected blog, But here i am! Yes i am still alive, and with 2015 now gone, i’m certainly looking forward to 2016.

Now, I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions, i find the act of choosing one day of the year to create goals for yourself, counterproductive and it somewhat sets you up to fail almost immediately! IMHO this is because people tend to make these goals HUGE, without realizing there are tiny little goals you need to complete before hitting that big one! I’m more of a make daily goals and weekly and monthly, pretty much spend every day of the year making goals – until you know you actually get somewhere.

I do however firmly believe in a theme for the year that can be applied to how i work things,  and this year for me that theme shall be “Yes”. Within reason of course.

Since i am turning 29 this year, i think i am finally over my – The whole world is watching me and i’m too scared to do anything phase, and in doing so have entered into the IDGAF phase and am quite comfortable to say no to things when i’m not well enough, and yes when i am.

I’m talking “Yes” In creative terms.

For example, I’ve always wanted to wear lipsticks, for some reason associate them with negative things, for example oh i can’t wear this because it makes me look like a working girl, Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not part of my “ascetic”.

So to celebrate 2016 i’m already going to head to Myers to get myself some banging lip colors. I’m not much of a make up girl, in fact i wear very minimal because well, it’s Summer in Australia and your face melts off when you go to check the mail.

I’m going to say “Yes” to two videos AND two blog posts per week.

I’m going to say “Yes” to creating art on all of those canvas’s I’ve brought that since have been sitting around collecting dust.

Just “Yes” and the best thing about making it specifically in creative terms means that i can still say No to things that are difficult for me. Which by the way is completely okay, though i still tend to feel guilty for it, it is actually the best thing for yourself sometimes.

2016 Peeps, The Year Of Yes. (Creatively)

Looking forward to a productive year, To all of my readers, Followers, and Subscribers regardless of the platform, Thank you so much for all of your love and support, and i hope that in this new year that i can create some BETTER content for you! I am eternally grateful for all of the support, thank you so much!

Be safe and Stay Hydrated!

Also if you have an idea that has been bouncing around in that noggin of yours, why don’t you say “Yes” to it!

K xx


Hidradenitis Suppurativa ; From The Mind Of Peep {FTMOP}

Yes, On the outside i look normal… ish – But i am chronically ill

Hey Peeps,

For those of you who have been following my videos and blog posts, you may have noticed a complete halt across the majority of all of my social platforms. I have written about the chronic skin condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativia before; and in my sleepless nights even considered doing a video about it.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) is a chronic, dibilating relentless turd of a disease. Now I could copy and paste what is written in almost every other article online, but I’ve decided that I’m going to do things Peep’s way.

HS was previously referred to as “Acne Inversa” which to be honest actually really irritated me. When people hear the word acne, they instantly relate it to having a spot on your face. HS is nothing like this, while there is still great debate in the medical field about how HS is actually caused, a more recent theory suggests that it is linked to defective hair follicles that break away from the sweat gland. (They use fancier words than me, but I also haven’t spent a billion years in medical school), As a result of this all of the sweat kind just sits beneath your skin and eventually becomes an abscess, well in my case anyway.

The problem with HS is that there is little known about it, little of how it’s caused and even less on how to treat it, or manage it. For those of you who have no idea what I’m banging on about – I’ll attempt to help you understand it the best I can.

Can you remember the worst break out you ever had, how large and how painful it was. Where was it? I’d assume most of you would say on your face, aka: Money Maker. Now I want you to multiply that break out by a hundred. Remember how that break out made you feel, How you didn’t feel quite as dapper, and how your confidence and ego flailed a bit and how much better you felt when you realised you could cover it with make-up and that it wouldn’t be permanent.

Now think of that same break out we are talking about above, but instead of it being a pimple we are talking an abscess, about the size of a golf ball, place that on any area of your body where your skin touches. Your upper thighs for example, you’re under arms, and Yes: even down there.

As you think about this, just imagine if another one popped up right beside the first, then it began to jump around your body like a drunken teenager in a bouncy castle, arm, then thigh, then your tush, then your lady charms or dude charms. Then they begin to tunnel, they become infected, and you become a pile of pain, 24/7. This is the reality of HS.

These abscesses are so painful that you can’t dress yourself, it hurts to sit, to lay down, to breathe. You can’t brush your hair – and even something as simple as doing laundry becomes a mental battle of “I Think I Can”. If you are fortunate, they burst externally – and while the clean-up isn’t entirely fun, once they have burst it is much less painful. If they are deep seated under the skin they burst internally causing you to feel even more unwell, Since HS is a progressive disease there are stages, it is possible for two of those golf balls to tunnel (I’m pretty sure these are called sinus tracts) so that the affected area becomes larger, with abscess’s joining together, leaving scars like tiny little bread crumbs, Hansel and Gretel style, because even when they do go dormant, they will return within a matter of weeks.

In my head I like to think it’s like one of them was lonely so they are all, I’ll come to you mate and we’ll just chill, hence why the join forces.

Treatment options are a merry go round of antibiotics, warm compresses with salt, hot baths, relentless crying and the occasional pity party, Surgery is also an option, you have the option to be lanced; or if your HS has partied too hard and made too many mates, have the entire party cut out of your body with an additional bonus of TWO CENTIMETERES! Sounds too good to be true? Well sadly it is true, which brings me to my next topic of conversation.

The impact of being chronically ill, with a disease that has no cure.

I was recently in hospital with another bad flare up of HS, this one being under my left arm. The swelling so intense from my underarm it extended into my “gun region” and literally felt like I was on fire, I was unable to move or dress myself, every movement I made hurt. Every time the doctor came to examine me and pushed on it, or asked me to hold my arm up I wept. When the Surgeon asked me if I suffered from any other illness, I responded with “Depression obviously”

He responded with “I don’t know how that’s obvious, but okay”

The biggest impact of HS, is on your quality of life.

It’s waking up to change your dressing on your legs, or having to change clothes because your abscess has ruptured while you were out with friends, it’s having band aids in awkward places, and fearing that other people can smell the stench of puss on you from the wound sites. It’s the constant stress on your body of being in unrelenting pain, not to mention the fevers, or the itchy skin that has become a trademark for me when I am about to flare.

It’s about weekly outings to the pharmacy, the one and only place you’ll go because you simply don’t have the energy to slap on a brave face and pretend you aren’t in pain, or you are embarrassed about why you have unshaven armpits, or you can’t put deodorant on.

It’s about living a life scared to have people touch you in case that they press or hold you too tightly that you have to bite the inside of your mouth so you don’t cry. Your scared to be intimate, scared that people will only see the tracks and scars across your body from where HS has taken you hostage.

You can’t do the things you see people around you doing. Because it hurts. For some of us, Work and Uni are out of the question, and merely a pipe dream.

Naturally you hide, it becomes easier for you to stay indoors, where the sun can’t irritate your skin. Where you are able to rest and apply compresses, perhaps sit in the bath all day to alleviate some of the pain. As you do this you begin to realise who your true friends are, eventually people get bored of hearing “I’m sick” and they will disappear, but rest assured you do have support, because you aren’t alone.

You are going to have days where you think you are the ugliest thing to have walked the planet, that you are useless and worthless, that you can’t do anything or that you are failing. From a fellow HS sufferer, please know you are none of these things.

Being obese does not cause HS, however losing weight can help reduce the amount of area’s that can be affected by the disease. Now for those of us who have it, I know, we are literally told to avoid sweating and have a list as long as our arms about foods to avoid and diets to follow. The best exercise for HS is swimming, and you’ll find that being in the water can even reduce some of the pain. Which is pretty brilliant, and we can all pretend to be submarines.

I’ve thought long and hard about if I wanted to write this post, or if I even wanted to share some of my experience, but as i was in hospital earlier this week. There is simply not enough about awareness about this awful disease.

I’m 27 years old, and last week I was in so much pain, one of my beautiful friends had to help me tie my hair up. Another one of my friends sat with me till 5 am in the morning, to wait for the hospital to see me, others worry about me, they hurt because I hurt. I love them, because they are my family. For this reason I wanted to write a post about HS to help them understand, but to let other people like me know they are not alone.

Living with HS is difficult, it is a painful existence, this much is true. Some of us may be able to carry on with our lives and the disease may just remain dormant, some of us however may miss out on our dreams, may miss out on doing things and achieving things we want to do, even if it’s something as small as going on a date, or wearing a dress without sleeves.

It’s okay to not be okay about it, But please if you are depressed, speak to your local GP – have counselling, channel that sadness into something you can do, for you. I feel the best way is creativity, sit down with your thoughts write, draw, play, experiment, that’s just what works for me :P.

Just know that you are beautiful, and of great worth. Your Disease does not define you. You are capable of great things, and that if you ever need a friend, You have me.

You do not, nor ever will suffer alone.

Kiley xoxo

Making Tags Happen…

Pictures1aA few months ago i contemplated the idea of being a scrap booker, Now my older sister had been scrap booking way before i even considered it : Though IMHO i always thought she over did it, and her style was nothing like mine, i always felt like the pages were over done, far too many stickers. (Yes it does sound kind of snooty but let’s be honest, it’s what sisters do!)

So i was doing my usual nightly routine of chain watching journal videos and discovered a beautiful soul by the name of Adele, you can find her as Inkie Quill on Youtube. Her lay outs are absolutely gorgeous and i just felt really inspired, though scrapbooking is an expensive hobby, i figured since i am such an avid journal keeper that it was literally just another way to be a memory keeper. So i headed out to my local k-mart and picked up a scrapbooking kit. First lesson for myself is that i prefer the D ring binders as opposed to the other kind, of which i do not know the name of. But i am not a scrapbooking genius.

Once i purchased it i sat down on the floor for about a half hour picking out papers and sliding them into the pockets which seemed to get a bit tedious at the time. After that i stared at the pages. Drawing a complete blank. Ever suffering the i want everything i make to be cute complex, i ended up crippling myself by over thinking it and shelved the album. (Though there are three layouts in there now!)

So to introduce myself into scrapbooking i decided to decorate several tags, just playing around with composition, layering, color combinations, and those are pictured above. It’s a great little activity that you can implement on your lay outs that you do in the future, not to mention you can stick these into your journals or even clip them into a binder to use as a feature themselves. It’s all dependent on what you make of it, the sky is the limit so use your imagination!


After i had messed around with making some tags, i found a post card that was intended to be a door hanger, which i then altered, and decorated using the same mind set… Simple, Small things you can do to ease yourself into scrap booking, besides if you never try, you will never know if you enjoy it or not, or what you can actually make!

Make All The Things!

Yahpeep xoxo

Here’s To Fresh Starts!


As I have grown I have made the conscious decision to remove all of my previous posts, as a means to start fresh. Since spring has just began here in Australia, I figured if there was any other time for a new beginning, one would not be as fitting as now.

The reasons I have been absent from the majority of my social media are simple but complex at the same time, Yes I know that sounds confusing and believe me it is also as frustrating as it sounds.

At the end of last year I was full of enthusiasm and optimism of what this year actually held for me. I was looking forward to going to university, being an art student – I was just generally looking forward to a positive year. However due to constant and chronic health issues all of that fell to the wayside.

Since It is my goal to be completely honest with my readers I am going to share snippets of what has been going on in my life, not as a woe is me, but as a way to connect with each of you on another level.

When I began my blog I had intended it to be a place of creativity, a place for me to by myself :  Since I began I found that I was not being honest nor true to myself in my posts. While I enjoyed writing them, my heart simply wasn’t in it. I was overwhelmed with by looking at other creative blogs and I became stagnant caught in the rut of – why can’t my blog be like that?

Yes I know, classic first world problems – and believe me I have extended periods of time of self-loathing and guilt for feeling so overwhelmed by such a simple thing. Writing a blog post isn’t meant to be a journey or something that becomes a chore. For me it was. I wanted a specific look and feel to how I presented myself.

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with depression. While movies tend to romanticise what it is actually like to have depression, I can tell you from my experience that is not as beautiful as film makes it out to be.

For the last few months I have been on a merry go round of medications, the first was Zoloft : Now when I made the decision to go onto medication it was after an anxiety attack that lasted 45 minutes, for the duration of it, I could not breathe, I felt the walls closing in and by the end of it I was balled up on the floor wailing for my Granny to comfort me. The doctor who prescribed me Zoloft was not my normal Gp and failed to tell me to start at 25 mg so for the first month I was on 50 mg which wore me out. I was tired, lethargic, I wasn’t hungry and if anything it zapped all feelings.

The second medication I tried was Lexapro, which I have dubbed a black box medication for me. It did not make things any easier nor did it put me at ease, in fact it made everything that much harder, it was like having was like having my depression magnified by 1000. Though unlike Zoloft it did make me hungry, really hungry, like sitting up at 2 in the morning having a snack of chicken wings hungry.

The third medication is Luvox : which has been a walk in the park compared to those other two. It seems to be working well and I’m somewhat feeling a little bit better. Though as I’m writing this from my bed I am clearly not all the way there yet.

Nobody ever tells you how much time you lose by making the call to go onto medication for mental health. Currently I think I have lost 4 – 5 months. (Thank goodness I keep journals or I would have no idea what I have been doing.)

To add to the list I also suffer from a chronic skin condition, and on top of that I am on a waiting list for a knee surgery to repair my ACL and meniscus. So as you can imagine, it’s very easy to become depressed.

With all of this I was forced to defer from uni and to take time to reflect on how I would like to go about things with my life at this current stage. Which also enabled me to reflect on myself, and how I portray myself here. I want to be honest and upfront with my readers, about anything and everything. Because If I have learnt anything from this year it is, you do find comfort in knowing you aren’t suffering alone. We all have beautiful stories to tell and I would very much like yahpeep.com to be more diverse, less superficial and a place that people like me can connect with each other.

So I guess that is why I’m taking a leap of faith and starting over, which by the way you can do at any time or place!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and I look forward to this new journey with all of you!

Yahpeep xoxox