Living With Hidradenitis suppurativa : AKA HS


My name is Kiley, and i suffer from HS.

I want to talk about this for several reasons, there’s very little known about this chronic disease, it is to me anyway; an invisible disease. Though i may look normal and healthy, people outside can’t know the pain and suffering i go through due to this disease.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa is a long-term chronic inflammatory disease, The cause is not well understood nor researched. It characterizes it’s self with recurrent boil-like lumps that become larger and turn into an abscess, which in turn burst open leaking pus and become difficult to heal leaving scarring in the infected area.

I want you to imagine what it was like when you had the worst break out you have ever had. Got it? Now multiply that by 10 and place it under your arm, your inner thigh, groin. Now imagine if that went on for weeks and months at a time, with and if you are lucky, a week or two of respite in between each flare up.

Now imagine going to your doctor with this. And being told there is no cure.

You feel hopeless, you feel like you have been failed. You feel embarrassed.

My experiences with HS, particularly in the last few years has had a detrimental effect on my life.

This disease is probably one of the worst (IMHO) that anyone could be inflicted with. Skin wise. You are living with chronic pain, Debilitating pain. I mostly suffer from HS under my arms, and in between my thighs where the skin touches. I’m talking you either can’t put pants on, or you can’t lift your arms to get a shirt on. Pain.

It has a massive impact on your mental health, you feel absolutely horrible, you suffer from malaise, you have to endure the mammoth effort of slapping on a happy face and getting on with your day.

For myself last year, just before i began study, i had a pretty bad flare up. Which puts into question my ability to be able to get to and complete classes, now luckily for me it subsided just before classes began, only to reappear two weeks later. I’m an art student, so having mobility in my arms is necessary especially when you are lifting your arms up to sketch using an easel. Last year was intense, the flare up’s happened a lot more often and were much more severe than i had previously dealt with.

I began having to skip classes because i couldn’t get myself dressed, because i couldn’t lift my arm to brush my hair let alone anything else. Which to some isn’t a big deal, but for me it was absolutely awful.

Now i had been suffering with it for some time before this, so of course i had been put on several different antibiotics, some of which did ease the lump, but essentially didn’t do anything. I was put on a different course of antibiotics every other week; this has been going on for years.

Last year was the first time i had to be lanced, After a flare up i had a lump about the size of my palm under my left arm. Now if i had of done my research before this i would advise against it. The actual lancing it’s self is absolutely horrible. You are to be injected with a local in the site. This was incredibly painful, it literally felt like someone was running a hot butter knife into an already tender area. I wasn’t told much about the procedure at all.

After being lanced, the trip home from the doctors was okay. A few minutes after returning home the pain kicked in, and my gosh it was terrible. The tears came, the frustration of having to deal with this horrible disease, knowing that this wouldn’t be the end of it and having to accept that there will be another flare up in the future. Became a little too much for me.

I had already been dealing with HS for years now. Without even so much as a sign of hope that i can get through a month without a flare up.

What they didn’t tell me about being lanced was the packing procedure. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s taking where they pack the open wound with gauze, essentially to soak up all the junk that was in the abscess. You have to do this every day. The first day was the worst, almost as bad as having the actual procedure performed. This goes on everyday for two weeks, though it got easier after that.

The only down side of this is that my wound was not packed properly. For the next three months at the lance site i would have constant infections, and could still feel that there was junk under the skin.

During this time, i was trying my best to get all of my Uni work done, and this is something that still bothers me to this day. I had explained to my teacher about my disease, he had taken the time to google it, and while reading it and i quote “This is a disease i am making up to get out of work”. This is a prime example of what i mean when i say, That HS is an invisible disease.

This year, i have already had a severe flare up under that same arm. Which is why i say lancing is not effective. This most recent flare up was about the size of my palm, and incredibly painful, after my last experience with getting lanced, i want to avoid it until it is absolutely necessary.

Having said that, my road of trying every single antibiotic under the sun is running short, with surgery looking like the only option to give me relief from this condition, which doesn’t even come with a guarantee that it works.

It is essentially like a merry go round of pain with intermission periods that last a few days to a week.

I want to touch on how it’s affected my life.

What i find most often when i talk about my disease, is that people down grade it to something like getting a single pimple, or a boil. Oh it’s just a spot, i’m sure it can’t be that bad.

It is that bad.

It takes a toll on everything that you do. From what you eat, to what you wear. To how you live your day to day life.

I’m currently on a high fat low carb diet, another attempt to curb this disease and three different kind of medications, not including the pain killers i need to take in order to get a bit of respite.

You have to change a lot just in order to manage it.

But what isn’t talked about often is the impact it has on you mentally.

Living with Chronic Pain is not an easy task, and though those who suffer with this are incredibly strong, It takes a toll. It impacts every aspect of your life, Socially you don’t want to go out because it’s embarrassing, it’s painful you feel like crap. Intimacy i can’t even fathom at this stage.

When you have a flare up it does take weeks or months for the lumps to completely dissapear, like i mentioned earlier, the worst break out you had times 10 and placed in one of those areas. You know it’s going to take weeks to go down, now imagine that another lump appeared right next to the first one.

That is HS. The cycle repeats.

It’s hard to feel good and happy when you are constantly battling a silent disease. You don’t want to be touched, you don’t want to be held. You want to be left alone, Because it’s painful and it hurts. It’s quite easy to feel depressed. When you have all of this on your shoulders.

It’s a struggle to sleep, I suffer from intense itching at night and when i am in the sun. This has led me to be indoors a lot.

It’s hard to get up and go to work or study.

It’s hard to do everything.

Which is my point of writing this post. You aren’t alone, there are support groups out there.

You are beautiful and the scars it leaves on your skin don’t define you.

If any of you have any questions about HS, please feel free to ask them. Even if you just want someone to talk too.

We are human, and of course we wish our friends who don’t have it could understand the pain we have to go through everyday, don’t expect them to understand. Unless you have it, you have nothing to draw on.

That’s what it’s like to have HS.

Kiley xxx

February 2015 : Index Card A Day Plus More!

Hey Peeps!

As i mentioned earlier in the year, i’m challenging myself to do something creative every day. I guess you could call this a self imposed challenge to make my way towards being more creative in general.

This month i am doing an index card a day, the point of this is to utilize materials i have on hand, that i have had on hand for a long time, but the only purpose they have served so far is to sit around and accumulate dust. I have acquired quite a collection of materials over the years, I have a horrible habit of saving things for special occasions that never come about. So i’m attempting to revamp them into new pieces.

These will be uploaded regularly for the next 28 days on my a board i made on Pinterest. You can find it here.

This month has already been a busy one for me, what with uni starting shortly and the spare time i have diminishing but of course that translates to, do more challenges.

Not only am i doing my own set of challenges for my project 365, I’ve also discovered another one through journaling junkie on Tumblr, which is relatively easy to be a part of, but what i absolutely adore about this particular challenge is that it enables you to connect with others who journal regularly; which for me is huge! Not to mention inspiring, it’s just a really beautiful way to get inspired getting a glimpse into other people’s journals.

Join us in her challenge here.

Happy Creating Peeps x

Peep’s January Loves


Hey Peeps!

Last year i absolutely adored writing about things i had discovered, and of course wanted to share them. So i’m doing this again in 2015. However instead of weekly it will be monthly. Which also gives me the opportunity to fine tune which things are going to be favorites instead of things that i just like.

1. Drawception

A few weeks ago, some of my lovely friends introduced me to Drawception. It is free to play, and super fun; not to mention challenging. You get given a prompt, and 10 mins to complete a drawing that you believe fits the prompt you have been given. While it may not seem overly exciting from my lack luster description, you will find it addicting. I think the best part is seeing the end result of all the panels, it’s essentially Chinese whispers with images.

2. Big Hero 6 Aka BayMax

I sat down to watch this movie in an effort to cheer myself up, I don’t know if i was overtired, or super emotional. Either way this film had me laughing and tearing up. My favorite character of course was Bay Max, i don’t want to reveal too much about the film for those who haven’t seen it, but i would highly recommend it. Also if anyone knows where i can get a giant Bay Max plushie please let me know!

3. Laqa & Co, Lip Lube.

In this months Bellabox we were extremely lucky to receive a full size Laqa & Co Lip Lube in our boxes, They revealed this earlier on in the month when they revealed the sneak peek. I am absolutely obsessed with these now that i have had the chance to try one and will most likely order in all of the colors. I got the shade Beezlebub which is a lovely shade of pink, it is highly pigmented and has a lot of staying power, not to mention how refreshing it is to apply to the lips, with the aid of the peppermint scent. Absolutely must have.

4. Jersey Boys

My older brother and i decided to have a movie night recently, we started off with Gone Girl, which i found to be predictable and to be frank, not my cup of tea. But he made me a promise of if i sat through it, we would watch Jersey Boys together. My gosh, it was absolutely fabulous film. We actually both enjoyed it more than Gone Girl. Although this could be because it’s somewhat sentimental to us both. Also after you watch it you’ll be humming “Sherry” for at least a week or two afterwards.

5. The Anti Journal

I was recently sent a copy of this book to play around with, and for any of you who are fan’s of prompt books such as Keri Smith, you are absolutely going to love this one. I would say that it’s definitely more hands on, and encourages you to think outside of the box, rather than literally interpreting every single prompt you get. What makes this book great is that it gives you the tools to look at creating in a contemporary fashion. I will be discussing this book more in depth in a future post so i won’t give too much away! Below is a flip through for you to feast your eyes on.

6. Lush Twilight Shower Gel

I got gifted this for Christmas, It smells absolutely amazing. To me it smells like Lavender combined with Vanilla, it lathers well and you only need a small amount to wash all over, but what i like most about all of lush’s products is that the scent lingers for a while. Which is great because with something smelling so delicious you’d want to smell it as much as possible.

7. Selfie

So i discovered this gem of a show early on in January, It’s loosely based around the concept of “my fair lady”. Which is all well and good, heck it’s been done quite a few times, however this sucked me in. The only downside is that this has already been cancelled, but if you are able to get your hands on the first 13 episodes, it’s a must for me. The sad part is that as you watch it you realize how much possibility the show had, where it could of gone and how wonderful the characters are.

I have to share one of the most amazing scenes from the show below, because i was in awe when i watched it, not going to mention the before story because it will spoil it for you; but just an amazing way to tell story. It was just cinematic and beautiful.

8. Madagascar Cup From Hoyts


Last but not least, this little guy was a cup being sold to promote the new Madagascar penguin movie out this month. I haven’t actually seen the movie yet, but i have always loved penguins, they are super cute, so when i discovered that i could potentially own a penguin cup, I was elated. Interstellar was good. However Penguin cup is forever!

Peep xx

Peeps Creative Challenge : Feb 2015


Hey Peeps!

Since I’ve wanted to embark on the 365 project, ever since I’ve heard of it. I’ve decided to take it upon myself to create a prompt list for each month, and even better share it with all of my followers and subscribers.

I had noticed that, not everyone is into having these set list of prompts to work through for the month, but for me in particular – I like having some kind of idea to work from. These don’t have to be literal either, just a bit of a starting point to get you in the mood to create.

There will be one for every month until February 2016, and it can be used in midori, journal, art journal, smash book, which ever medium you prefer.

I’ll be working in a paperdori, that i made this month, The challenge for me will be the compact size of the book. I’ve usually worked in A5 books, the size of my paperdori books are B6 so there’s a substantial difference between the two, It’s going to be interesting how it turns out.

I’ve also taken it upon myself to utilize all of the stationary and creative bits and pieces i have on hand, rather than buying new things to put into my books, i’m doing this because i have accumulated quite a bit over the years, and i usually put them aside for something special, so it’s kind of like a stationary diet.

You are more than welcome to join me in this Project has tag your creations with #peepscreativechallenge, i’ll pick out a few to feature in my blog, with a link to your blog, Instagram whichever you prefer to use.

Happy Creating Peeps x

The Importance Of Planning Ahead…


Hey Peeps,

If you are following me on Youtube, you would know that i spent some time earlier this month organizing a blog planner. Though i use the term blog loosely as the intention of this planner was to cover all of my social media.

As last year drew to a close, it’s a natural period for reflection, i realized that i had an abundance of ideas for all of my social media, however i lacked time management. I am a chronic procrastinator. If i’m not feeling an idea, or feeling the enthusiasm to complete something, i will find anything to get out of doing it.

The first thing i did this year was to take ownership of my bad habits, and attempted to implement a way that i could be held accountable for not doing anything. This is when i took it upon myself to delegate certain tasks each week to continue to stay creative and focused on tasks at hand.

Last year i imposed a routine on myself, and to be bluntly honest. I am not a routine kind of person; I need to be flexible with my time, and while a routine in theory sounds great – In practice it become bothersome and more of a chore. For example i was working on several self portraits last year, These were intricate and extremely detailed. However i had began to get frustrated because the time i had allotted was not sufficient.

This year, I’ve put aside a day for each one of my journals and projects which gives me a sense of routine but does not lock me into anything. Which is great, it works because i am constantly jumping from project to project.

When i am not working towards something i become stagnant and aloof. I become frustrated and irritable. Which is another reason why i wanted to see how this planner works for me.

At the moment i can definitely say that I’ve seen my productivity increase, i’m more aware of my goals and deadlines i have imposed upon myself. It’s helping to me to shape up instead of being a gunner girl (I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do that) I’m actually meeting my expected output.

I’ve been writing and blogging on and off since i was 16, up until last year i never really took it seriously, but i want to be successful, i want to be able to communicate with other people like me who have a passion for creativity. This little planner is helping me to do that, In a huge way.

This works along side my standard diary where i jot down tasks to complete daily, chipping away at that finalized post or video. As someone who was anti planner, My take has completely changed. The benefits of having a game plan and working ahead has paid off in the two weeks I’ve been using it.

What kind of planner do you use?

Happy Creating

K xxx

DIY : How To Make A Paper Dori


Hey Peeps!,

Today i’m going to show you how to make a paper dori, after lusting after a Midori Traveler for a long time, i realized that as gorgeous as they are, right now in this very moment it’s an expense that i can’t justify. So of course to rectify this situation i took it upon myself to make it happen. This is a very cheap alternative, The one I’ve made today literally cost me about 10 dollars (AUD) to make.

Materials Needed :

  • Scissors
  • Decorative Tape, I use this to tape the edges and to make it a bit fancy
  • Glue
  • 4 Blank Notebooks, i used the size B6 and got four of them from Office works for 2 dollars each
  • A ruler
  • A hole punch
  • Card stock
  • Elastic
  • Manila Folder

All together this took me about a half hour, from start to finish. That isn’t including decorating the books inside. So let’s begin!

IMG_3015 The first thing you want to do is get a hold of  your manila folder, What we are going to do is open it up so that it lays flat, This is going to be the foundation of the paper dori. The reason i chose to have this in the center is to give the cover some strength. I have not made mine to chuck into my purse day in day out, but rather as a way to experiment with this kind of journaling.


Once it is open it should look like this, and don’t worry too much about those flaps being there, Those will be removed eventually, Seems pretty easy so far, The next step is to place your notebooks inside the cover.


Put them right up against the existing seam of the manila folder, This allows the card to bend the way it needs to and cover all the books. Now i like to have quite a bit of over hang on my covers, purely because all of my journals tend to get thick, So i like to have an allowance of space to work with.


By doing this you are able to guess just how much materials you are going to need to make it work, For this particular size i used about half of the manila folder, There will be excess which could easily be turned into some pockets or storage for your paper dori.


Next you need to measure out the space you need, i allowed for three centimeters width and 1.5 centimeters at the top and the bottom, This means that my books will sit nice and neatly in the middle, this also means that i have quite a bit of over lapping, which is perfect for me! Though this can be optional, it’s your journal so tailor it to suit yourself!


Now it’s time to trim off the excess and remove that pesky tab that’s been there since we first started, Rule and cut. It’s pretty simple, After you’ve done this step, it should start to take shape.


Using some scrap booking card stock, I’ve glued it onto the manila folder, this is to add some thickness and to make the cover more durable, as well as give you a space to decorate and play around in.


Next add some washi tape to cover up the edges, My paper didn’t quite stretch the entire way! Do this on both sides, the idea is to have a paper sandwich, This gives the cover so much strength and make’s it super cute as well. I always make sure to choose bright fun prints to put on the front and opt for a plain color inside simply because i’ll want to decorate it at some stage!


Apply the same to the other side, then we are fast approaching the trickiest part of putting it all together!


The next thing you want to do is to place the books you are using inside the covers, At the top and the bottom of the top corners ( Where the binding is ) You want to place a dot, This is going to be the hole we are punching to feed our elastic through. Make sure  you do this for each side.



Remove the books and then it’s time to punch the holes, Now as you can see mine aren’t even – They never are but it’s alright because they still seem to work just fine!


Next grab your hair elastics and thread it through, because i am planning on using four books in this paper dori, i’ve done for loops for my books to slide into. Once that is done, you simply open your books up to the middle and slide it into each loop!IMG_3031

Congrat’s you’ve just made a paper dori!

Peep’s Go To Cosmetics


Hey Peeps,

Since we are well into the beginning of 2015, I’ve decided to up my blog game – to strong instead of mediocre, in 2014 i had planned on doing a lot more with and then fell somewhat short, as i bowed to the pressures of school and life in general. However i personally have high hopes to up the anti this year. So without further or do. I’m going to share with you my go to cosmetics that i absolutely love and adore, i literally use most of these everyday, they are products that i love and i want to share them with you! My lovely readers.

A. Beauty Blender – RRP $4 AU , K-mart

Up until recently, i had never used one of these before until my best friend pointed out to me just how practical they are. I use a lot less product than what i did previously because of this bad boy. Now i found mine in K-mart for about 4 dollars. It does take a while to get used to, but it is a must have. I use this to blend out my BB Cream and also for my foundation. It helps to give that illusion of knowing how to use make up efficiently, because i’m going to be blatantly honest. Love Make Up; But quite lack luster in application/skills.

B. Rimmel Matte’ Pressed Powder in Peach Glow – RRP $12.95 AU, Priceline

I use this powder every day, to set my BB Cream and my foundation. It’s a great little powder that evens out the yellow tinge in some of the products i use. It’s quite compact, and easy to slip into your bag for touch up’s through out the day. I opted for the peach glow opposed to translucent because my skin has a grayish undertone a lot of the products sold here are yellow based, but i find that this powder tends to even it out and bring it closer to my natural coloring. Definitely a must have, especially if you can grab it on sale.

C. Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation 30.0 ml- 010 Light Porcelain – RRP $17.95 AU, Priceline

I have been looking for a foundation that matches my skin tone for years, and years. I literally found this several day’s ago and i am absolutely positively in love, This comes in a pump bottle and i only need about one and a half pumps to get enough coverage. This being said, i rarely have blemish’s so it may vary for others. It goes on smooth, it’s build-able and it’s not yellow based. It’s also super light on my skin, which is great. I don’t enjoy it when you put foundations on and it feels like you are running around with some kind of mask on. The price is reasonable considering the amount of use i will get out of the product, but if you are looking for it cheaper it definitely can be found. Try Chemist Warehouse, that’s always a great place to pick up some cheapies and you can get your prescriptions filled at the same time. Bonus.

D. Rimmel BB Cream Matte SPF 15 30.0 ml- 01 Light – RRP $9.75 AU, Priceline

This has been an absolute must have since i discovered it about a year ago. This particular BB Cream has a matte’ finish and you are able to use it as a foundation. It has excellent coverage as well as the additional SPF factor. Not only that but this one is build-able. It can be set with the powder and it last’s all day long, without the need for touching up. I’ve tried many variations of the BB Creams, but this one has come out on top. The only issue i had with it personally is that it’s a tad too yellow for my skin, Having said that though – i have strange coloring. A pit of powder and blending it out, it worked. Eventually.

E. Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer 30.0 ml – RRP $ 13.95 AU, Priceline

I haven’t been huge on primers in the past purely because i just hadn’t found one that worked for me, however i did stumble across the Lasting Finish primer recently, and it feels good on my skin, it makes my make up last longer and it isn’t clumpy or gluggy feeling, it’s also not so watery it slides of my fingers before i can rub it into my skin. This was a good find and an impulse purchase. It doesn’t affect my skin at all though i have heard some people do have break outs after using it. Having said that though, i do try to wear minimal make up to avoid doing damage to my skin. It’s a good primer considering the price and it does what it says it will do. Which is ultimately what you should expect of the product.
F. E.L.F Essential Liquid Eyeliner, RRP $3 AU, Kmart
I have been using this particular eyeliner for the better half of two years and i love it, The applicator is flexible and gives you the ability to do extremely thin lines, but you can do the dramatic wings if you so desire. It’s a terrific find for three dollars, the only issue I’ve had with it is that it does tend to gray out through out the day, so if your looking for jet black eyeliner this one probably isn’t the right choice for you. But if you are in a bind and need one to last the day, this one is definitely one worth looking at.
G. Elizabeth Mott, It’s So Big Mascara, RRP $19.99 AU, Elizabeth Mott Website
I originally got this in my December Bella Box last year, and i have to say i was impressed from the moment i tried it. It’s literally the only mascara that doesn’t clump my lashes together or feels like I’ve covered them with glue. It lifts and separates and my favorite part is the formula, it isn’t thick and feels light while giving the desired effect of longer lashes. I have naturally long curled lashes, and hey are prone to forming into clumps. Though this could be in huge part of the fear of digging myself in the eye. It’s super easy to apply and compact as well. The wand makes it easy to get into the corners and push the lashes up, it doesn’t irritate my eyes either which is an added bonus.
H. Chi Chi Watermelon, Eau Du Parfum, RRP $19.99 AU, Myers Or The Chi Chi Website
This perfume is absolutely divine, it’s light weight and the packaging it comes in is vibrantly colored and fun. I’ve always been impartial to scents that smell like food, particularly watermelon so when i stumbled across this when i was in Myers i picked it up immediately. It’s light, and can be worn all year long. The bottle is a little chunky to carry around in your purse all the time, but you are able to get a travel size which i carry with me everywhere. You are able to get it in sets at the moment from the chi chi website, this includes a travel size and some body wash and lotion. All for 15 dollars, so if you like watermelon, definitely pick one up and give it a try. It doesn’t last all day but considering the price, it’s easy to spritz and go.
I. Chi Chi Eye shadow Pallets in Bases and Elegant, Gift Set, RRP, $19.99 AU, Myers or the Chi Chi Website
Late in the year i had to make the conscious decision to throw out all of my make up that had been sitting around for years and have a bit of an upgrade, since i have hazel eyes – The best bet was to try purples and some light pinks, These pallets are pigmented and apply well, with several different kinds, you have shimmers and matte’s and the in the middles. These were the only two i picked up and i have been able to get a lot of use out of them, they are slim line and easy to store as well. The only downside of these are that they come with the standard eye shadow applicators, not brushes, so i popped them straight into the bin, they also don’t have names for the shades but for a gift set and two gorgeous pallet’s to play with you can’t really complain.
J. Lime Crime Lipsticks, Babette and CosmoPop , RRP $24.00 AU Each, Signature Make Up 
After finding out that Lime Crime will no longer be stocked in Australia, i immediately brought up the two colors i have been eyeing off for over a year. It wasn’t disappointing when they arrived either. I got two colors Babette which is a pastel pink, These are super pigmented and the colors are build able the other one i got was CosmoPop which is a vibrant pastel orange, Pastel shades aren’t for everyone as they do tend to wash people out, however i do believe that because of how much color you can get out of these that you are able to pull them off. The other thing i adored about these besides the unicorn and the super cute packaging was that they actually smell like vanilla. It’s not heavy wearing on your lips and moisturizes them as well. So if you were thinking about purchasing some, definitely get on it before they all sell out.
K. Jurlique Rosewater Mist, RRP $35.00 AU, Jurlique Website 
I also discovered this around the same time as i found the watermelon perfume, I had been on the market for rose water beauty products, This was mainly because it held sentimental value for me – as a young child i always recalled how fresh my Granny’s skin looked and how she always smelt of rose water. After searching for a while, My Bunny came across this product and it literally smells like rose water, but not only that the difference it made in my skin was substantial not to mention i went to bed smelling like a rose garden. This tightened and it hydrated my skin. All it took was a few spritz after washing my face and it was done. This has become a must have for me. Though it does sound fairly pricey, the amount of use you get out of one bottle, lasts for months. Your skin will thank you for considering rose water.
L. Maybelline, Baby Lips, RRP $3.95 AU
The holy grail of all moisturizing lip products. I’ve been using this one for YEARS, Now let me tell you why. Due to my fair skin and how sensitive i am to the sun, i headed out on a warmish spring day, only to come home with burnt lips. After that every time i went outside they would continue to get burnt. I used all the lip products i had at my disposal at the time, nothing worked. Baby lips had just been brought out on to the shelves at this time, and i decided to give it ago. Within a few days my lips had gone from severely burnt to hydrated and soft, Since then i have brought up every flavor i could get my hands on including the slightly pigmented electropops (Watermelon is gorgeous). You can often find these on sale for half price and they are handy to have all year round, particularly if you are living in Melbourne, where we literally have four seasons in one day.
Phew, so there it is. I hope you enjoyed reading through my ramblings of my favorite products and what i use daily; If you have any suggestions or products that you think i should try i’d be happy to hear about them.
Make up is an expense in Australia so i try to stay on the cheaper side of cosmetics, well as much as i can. But i’m always on the look out to try something new.
Have a lovely day Peeps
Xx K

Projects 2015 #PeepsYearlyChallenge


Hey Peeps!

As the new year ticked over, many of you i predict made new years resolutions. I’m not a resolution kind of girl, i prefer to have a list of goals per month, with a few long standing through out the year. Last week i sat down for a while and attempted to write up a list of monthly challenges to keep myself motivated and creating all year long.

This literally took my less than an hour to reach my completed list, for the month of January i am starting off with a challenge that i found on a site called Creative Everyday; The theme for the month of January is lost and found, which gives me an opportunity to search through my bottomless junk drawers and boxes, to pull things out and actually use them throughout my journals and in particular my La De Dah Journals that have been sitting idle on my shelf for some time now.

It’s free to sign up, at the moment there are under 100 people participating, but i think it’s a wonderful idea to give you that little bit of a boost of inspiration, The Creative Everyday challenge runs all year long, and i am going to try and submit at the very least one or two things that are connected to the months theme, all year long. I chose January to focus on it as every other month had at least one challenge that was highly intensive. So you could say i’m working my way up to doing something every day.

I decided that i’m going to call this #PeepsYearlyChallenge, and if any of you would like to join me on my attempt at doing something everyday this year i would love for you to be part of it. There’s not much too it, all it requires is dedicating about an hour or so each day to see how what comes out of your mind, and onto the page or whatever format you prefer.

Feel free to print out the above and stick it into your planner, journal, and join me!

If you know of any other projects that are floating about comment and link them to me below. I’m always on the look out for creative challenges like this one above, and i have yet to find a list that covers all the ones i’m interested in.

Speaking of monthly challenges, i have uploaded my December flip through of my Faux Hobonichi!

I hope you enjoy it, i’ll be filming these flips at the end of every month, i have seen other people talk through it; but i just found it more fun to just have the actual flip through :D

Happy Creating lovelies x

Peeps Journals : 2015


Hey Peeps!

This is probably going to be a lengthy post, so if i were you; I would definitely consider going to get yourself a snack. Most of these journals i have used this year, and have been attempting to complete something in each daily; some days i’m successful some days i’m not, Those are the days were my creativity is plummeting, like my will power is to NOT eat chocolate.

This is my line up for 2015, Effectively a collection of what i do everyday  or attempt .

2014 was a year of playing around with journals, looking at new techniques, new styles. Some of which have made the cut for 2015. Some were completely discarded. Others were shelved to be played around with further in the future. I have to say; like everyone else. I struggle to make the time to journal – I swear one day i will find someone who loves sitting down and just playing in a book as much as i do. *Sigh*

Today i have a little helper, This is Sir Hoot – He’s actually a door stop and his name is Manuel. He does have a favorite saying if you were wondering “Hoot,Hoot I’m Cute, Hoot,Hoot your not”. He’s pretty cute!


First one off the list is “The Secret Garden” by Johanna Basford, My best friend actually gifted this to me for Christmas. This is a beautiful intricate coloring book, that will literally take you hours to finish one page.

It is absolutely packed full of beautiful designs, patterns, and even a few prompts. I’m pretty excited to have this; I’ve been eyeing it off for the longest time. Honestly i walked into book stores just so i could hold it, and flip through the pages. For 20 odd dollars, i dare say you are getting your worth out of this book. I’m excited to try and finish it cover to cover through out the next year.

I don’t know about anyone else, but when i’m stressed and freaking out, I find it soothing to sit down and just color for a little while, and this book is so detailed you literally have to concentrate on every little thing you are doing. Procrastination Creation anyone?


My lovely sketch book, I actually picked this up when i was down at Phillip Island not that long ago. The pages aren’t smooth, they are textured. So far I’ve only drawn in this with Graphite and some blenders, but i am enjoying working in it.

I’m hoping to get back to doodling and doing Kiley Art, After a run in with a less than supportive art teacher this year, I kind of lost the joy of just sitting down and doodling. However that’s where all the good ideas come from. At the moment i’m working on my realism, So i’m literally just using Google to find images of Kpop stars and sketching them. Eh, Any way you can be inspired, is a way that works!


This is my Novel Bible.

I’m planning on writing a series, which means; I need a lot of notes, character building, charts. Things to refer back to because i know for a fact my memory is pretty awful. I don’t want to be working on book 2 and having to pull things out of nowhere for the story to make sense.

In this book i plot out story lines, i brain storm ideas, write character profiles, location profiles. Unlike the rest of my journals, this one is pretty plain. There are no fun colors or anything like that at all unless you include highlighters and post it notes. This big green guy, is a lot of work. But it’s also a great idea, in a previous post i mentioned about Nano and how I’ve failed to plan every year. Well. I will not be pantsing this year. That’s for sure!


Keri Smith’s books have been an absolute favorite for me for years. So of course this was going to make the cut. I actually purchased a new one recently, and I’ve been working away on it for a little bit in December. I had intended to make a series of me doing it and posting it on youtube. However, I haven’t done that because let’s face it. I like to play around with it, and it takes me a while to get started on a page. I will however be posting a flick through and talking about the pages i’ve done this month, as well as writing up a blog post to go with it.

If you are creative and are lacking that creative force definitely check this book out, for under 20 dollars it’s a must have to get out of creative droughts!


This was also another Christmas Present, From my lovely friends Jessay and Fet, And i am excited to start this. It’s from Kikki K and is a sentence a day journal; For every day for the next three years it asks you a question which you must answer. I was super excited about this when i opened it Christmas morning! It’s perfect! And it marks a huge time in my life, such as going to Uni for the next three years. It’s super compact and feels lovely in the hands. Gorgeous!


My faux hobonichi has become my love, I absolutely adore this format of journaling and this has become chunky in about two months. You can find my November Flip Here. It’s just an awesome way to document your day; Mines been well loved and the book is holding up quite well for the moment. I’ve added in some dividers to separate 2014 and 2015. I got this book off book depository, and i dare say i will be ordering at the very least another two.


This is what it looks like inside, I used photographs, things that i have found throughout the day, pretty much anything and everything goes in. Depending on the day. Some are image heavy, others are just written words. I just think it’s interesting to look at.  There is something to discover on every page, since one of my goals for this year was documenting things and keeping memories, this has served it’s purpose and it’s going to continue on into 2015.


This is my standard journal. Nothing too fancy, I don’t tend to reach for this one as much as i should. Which is a goal of mine for 2015. He has gotten quite chunky since i brought him, and i’m hoping to finish him off in the new year before busting out another journal. Which by the way i have over 100 sitting on my shelves just waiting to be filled. This journal i found at office works for about 15 dollars, It’s by the bran philosophy and it’s held up well also considering how much i’ve stuck inside it. Yes. Even leaves i found in Autumn have been taped in.


My Paper Dori! I made this after watching a zillion videos on Youtube of people flicking through their Midori Travellers. Now i would LOVE to have one of these, but they are quite pricy. So i took it into my own hands and made one out of card stock i had lying around, I will show you how i made it in the near future. For inserts i used some Moleskins i had laying about and just slotted them in.

I’ve never been much of a scrap booking person. But i am looking forward to exploring it next year. I played around in it yesterday and it was fun; Though i’m treading into territory that i am unfamiliar with.


This is what it looks like inside. It’s definitely going to be interesting to explore this kind of format. I’ve seen other’s and they look absolutely amazing. But if you are keen to have a try, i’ll show you how to make one, it took less than a half hour!


Last but not least i picked up a planner from Typo to keep myself organized for the new year. This was 20 AUD, it’s small and compact. I have seen other planners online that i would of LOVED, however since this is a plain jane, and all i do is jot down appointments and important dates. I couldn’t justify going planner crazy.

All in all that is my round up for 2015, and no doubt there will be additions in the near future!

Thanks for Reading!

Creatively Yours,

Peep x