Friday Faves 003


Hey Peeps!

Seriously, this has to be one of my favorite posts of the week. It’s so much fun to write about things that i enjoy, and share them with you all, and i absolutely love knowing that people enjoy these posts so much, Thank you to all of my subbies for reading consistently while grows! It means an awful lot to me and i’m so grateful to each and everyone of you!



Technology. It’s great. It’s Fab. But all of those pictures we take on our beloved I-phones, rarely make it to print. Which for myself is a huge problem. I journal a lot, and i often have little to no references, Sure i could print of the pictures at home, but that’s a heck of a lot of ink that i would be using, That’s when i discovered Snapfish, The great thing about Snapfish is that you can simply upload your photographs, choose gloss or matte’, and get them delivered straight to your door. It’s absolutely perfect for me! On sign up you are even offered 50 free prints! So if you are anything like me, and have the strong desire to have hard copies of your photographs, be sure to check out snapfish! It’s a life saver!


2. Storage Trolleys

Meet my new BAE. But seriously, getting a simple trolley like this to store all of my colored pencils in (yes, in order), is a time saver and boosts my productivity. No more struggling to find that peach color, those days are long gone. The great thing about this is that it is small, compact and slots right beside my desk. I’m able to store things on top as well, like paintbrushes, and my Prisma Pencils, that i don’t want muddled up with the cheaper brands. I opted for the stylish black, inside of bright colors, because i’m an adult. (All i need is candles in my room now.)


3. Candidly Nicole 

I’ve always adored Nicole Richie, Yes, even in the Simple Life days with Paris Hilton, So of course i was elated when she decided to do this series of Candidly Nicole. This is my Saturday morning giggle session. I related so hard to this particular episode, because let’s face it, us short people have to deal with this stuff everyday. So if you are a shorty like me, take a gander and relate to the oh so funny comedy of Nicole Richie.


4. Jurlique Rose Water Balancing Mist.

This spray, is absolutely amazing, and my skin is already showing the benefits of using it. Not to mention the smell, you literally smell like a garden. When i was younger, i was always told the best thing to use on  your skin is rosewater, it’s natural and feels great, it doesn’t pull the skin taunt nor makes it feel like you’ve caked on the product. This is light and refreshing, it retails for about $50 dollars in Myer, which is a bit pricy, but it is an absolute must have, especially with the summer right at our doors. (My bunny got me a bottle of this, he’s the bestest)

5. Chi Chi Watermelon Perfume

I am literally so excited to have a perfume that smells like watermelon, this scent is light, it’s refreshing. And the packaging it comes in is absolutely darling, not to mention the bedazzled bottle. What i found most surprising is how inexpensive it was, this retailed for about twenty dollars, and has definitely become a staple for me. So if you do have a chance to look at the chi chi range of perfumes, make sure you smell this one! it’s a must have!

K xx  



#Combo : Spring / Summer 2014



Hey Peeps!

For those of you who don’t know, every year, i aim for the best spring/summer combo, and it’s just about that time again. Now i haven’t had a successful one since 2007, but i’m going attempt to have an epic combo this year!

Now it all seems a bit silly, but these are my absolute favorite seasons, the sun is shining, there is more daylight in our days, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and adventures are waiting to happen!

It’s about now, that i sit down and write a beautiful colorful list of things to do over this 6 month period, and while some may find it redundant, i absolutely love it! And i will be following up this post with the finished list next week! 

What are things you like to do in spring? 

As you can see, I’ve already been feeling the spring vibes, by sketching out some floral arrangements in my sketchbook! 

Here we go 2014! Let’s bring it on!

Do you attempt to have a Combo too?

K xx 


DIY : A Happy Garden, Just in Time For Spring


Hey Peeps!

Since spring is only a week away, what better way to welcome it by creating a little happy space in your garden! 

I’ve never had a green thumb, but in the spirit of trying new things, I decided to create a happy garden!

Over the weekend down at the local shopping center, i spied these bright colorful pinwheels stakes that instantly brighten up any space, I also found two cute little lady bugs! These were all being thrown out for 15 cents, so i picked up 6 of them!

I found some bright colorful plastic pots being sold for $2.50, and a packet of seeds, Cottage mix for $1.50, an adorable watering can, in the shape of a dinosaur, and a little shovel. All together it cost $10.

It’s an inexpensive way to try something new, and to add a little happiness into your front yard, Not only that – but i enjoy the process of watering the seedlings everyday and waiting for them to bloom!


Why not give it a go, and try having a green thumb this spring!

K xx 

New La De Dah Journal : Boho



Hey Peeps!

This week, or the week before i was fortunate enough to finally receive one of the new journals from the La De Dah range, through grant studio’s to try out! I am in an active La De Dah swap group on Facebook and was approached by Natalie who works for Grant’s, and we were offered this amazing opportunity to sample the new range. ( And yes, the other two journals are definitely on my wish list )





I already have the previous three from the first collection, and i love them, though i’ll openly admit that i feel like only special things need to go inside them. Hence why two of my first three remain untouched. However, I’m starting to loosen up a bit and find myself wanting to play more and more. Which is a great thing.

I was lucky enough to get the Boho version, I also got the Boho tapes some metallic pens, and last but not least, Boho letters, just a quick disclaimer, i’m not being paid to express my opinions on the new range, i was just lucky enough to be asked for an opinion! YAY!


Here are some swatches of the metallic pens, The ink comes out smoothly, I was actually surprised that they are Metallic, most pens that are labelled Metallic tend to be more glittery than anything else, the colors are bold and bright,even the gold. I’ve had to lighten this image a little bit, but they are all vibrant and work well on the page.

The only down side is that on some card stock, these pens will smudge. Which i discovered making my first lay out !

The tapes are slightly opaque and laden with gold, and they look absolutely darling on the page! I love the pattern, especially on the cream tape, it’s so intricate and just darling to look at.

This is me playing around with my first page which ultimately ended up looking like this…


All in all i really love the new range, and can’t wait to get the new books 9 / 10!

K xx

Finding The Time : give me a few minutes…



Hey Peeps!

I’m sure us creative types suffer from the usual affliction’s. But finding time to create has to be one of the biggest ones for me. It’s labor intensive, and i’m not talking about, general labor for example, building a house, carrying heavy boxes. I’m talking, we are literally slaves to our creativity, and our own worse critic, which can either be productive or counterproductive.

Especially since i am in art school this year, i do find at times my creativity and inspiration is about as well received as Tony Abbott’s budget.  I just find it draining, in order to put your name out there you need to utilize on most social networks. Believe it or not, this takes a lot of time. I’ll run down the list shall i ?

Pinterest – Yes. It’s great to get inspiration, and fantastic to do projects. While it’s classified a social networking site, it’s pretty much, Hey i like this. Stick it on a board, Though by doing that you do gain followers, and people “like” your pin. So even if it isn’t as straight forward as other social media, your name is still out there.

Tumblr – Gone down hill. yes. But i use mine pretty much like pinterest. Again in the very beginning any way shape or form, to get your name out there. Even if it’s by re-blogging images of Pokemon, still counts as productivity.

YouTube – Need i mention how long editing takes? I’ve just started, and i genuinely am amazed at how people shoot out a video a week, and make it seem flawless.

WordPress – You are here. Reading this. So …

Instagram – #posteveryday #stillfiguringout #howtousetags

And that’s generally the top five. Now i know, what you are thinking, Is it really necessary to have that many things going on at once, and the answer is. I think so. I say i think because i haven’t become a success and i am working slowly towards my goals, but in all honesty, To be an artist, and not have a few accounts up and running to promote yourself. Would be doing a dishonor to you.

You as an artist, are the brand.

Brand yourself.

But finding the time to do this every week, and to keep it up to date, requires organization, work, and dedication. Some of which i lack at this current time. It also takes sacrifice. Not like your first born or anything like that, but perhaps an hour less of telly, or a day of planning over the weekend.

How do you find the time to maintain your hectic schedule?

I’m still figuring out that myself. Help Me!

K xx  


An old dog, can learn new tricks!



Hey Peeps!

So i don’t know about anyone else, but i always seem to be reading up on how to do things. Not that i don’t already know how to do things, but i am attracted to learning – anything and everything that holds my interest longer than five minutes.

I am almost always hearing, but i’m too old. It’s too late now.

No. It’s not!

You can do anything, and be anything you want to be, that’s the beauty of life. Failing is fun, Finding out how to not do things, and what actually works for you, is a fun process. (Unless of course we are talking about exams, or anything like that). Just to clarify; I’m talking about setting a goal, researching the ways to complete said goal – kind of failures.

One thing that has always sat with me, ever since i was young, was the mantra – “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it”. At the time we were talking about a ball or something like that, but i feel like that could also be applicable to our brains.

We are a very fortunate generation of 20 somethings that have access to the internet!

Which means endless information!

Not only that but there always, always free courses online to learn anything you want, be it business through to color theory. Anything and everything.

Now i know what your thinking, it’s hard to discipline yourself to study! 

What i tend to do is go phone free, for an hour and a half, that’s all it takes, set an alarm and do a “sprint” and try to learn as much as you can. You are never to old to start learning something new. Even gymnastics. Even Cheer leading.

You will be met with obstacles, however finding the perspective, and taking the time to over come these will not only make you more educated, will benefit you, but it will also inspire others!

So be willing to be a beginner! 

See where it takes you, and find out how much you can learn!

K xxx 

Friday Faves :’D


Hey Peeps!

So we are back with another Friday Favorite’s! Hopefully your week has been swell, and you’ve managed to find a few new faves this week as well, let’s face it, we change our tastes at the very least a few times a day! Hopefully you have all survived the powerful gusts of wind that are blowing around Melbourne! Definitely gave me a good reason to stay inside in front of the heater, that’s for sure!

1. Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass

I don’t know what drew me towards this MV, i think i was scrolling through my FB feed one day, and someone claimed this as their new work out song, so of course, i saw pastel colors and super cute clothes, immediately viewed it, and to be honest i feel like this is what the inside of my head would look like…

Although some people sure have gotten the message of what the artist was trying to portray, seriously a quick glimpse of the comments has people on the rampage about “skinny shaming”, I’m on the fence, considering that this song was written in a positive manner – I mean really, it’s not like people on the larger side aren’t made fun of at all… I love this song and this clip, it’s catchy, fun and upbeat… and PASTELLLLL.

2. Duri Nail Polishes.

This is my absolute love, I adore all of the colors, especially the matte’ from this company. They aren’t too expensive and you only need about two coats to cover the nail, and a top coat of course to prevent the polish from chipping. It goes on smooth, and dries absolutely amazing, this is a great little product to have in your beauty cabinet. Seriously. I love nail polishes, and i haven’t found another brand that does pastels quite as well as Duri does! Make sure you check out their website!


3. I-Phone Organization.

Yup it sounds weird, but i can’t say just how satisfying it was to have my phone actually organized, and know exactly where things are. Literally, just by changing the background and home screen, and pulling apps to be sorted made my life a lot easier! So if you have a spare few minutes and are feeling a little cluttered, organize where you spend your time, and for most of us that’s on our phones! YAY technology!

4. Kitchen Nightmares. 

Seriously, if nothing else is better to watch while you are trying to kill some time it’s Kitchen Nightmares, also makes me second guess everything i am eating while i am out. This was probably one of the funniest, confusing episodes i watched. Where Gordon actually has no idea what to do with this restaurant – definitely a must watch!


5. Daiso!

This place is heaven on earth, every time i visit i always be sure to pick up a new little book, or some kind of stationary. The cuteness! Everything is priced at $2.80 which means you can actually get a bunch of cute things for under 20 dollars! Who wouldn’t love that!

Have a lovely weekend mah pretty’s!

K xx